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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Did you know that Northwest Pediatrics does ear-piercing?

Since younger children are more susceptible to infection, we recommend that ear-piercing be done on-site by a medical professional, not by a store employee.

For medical ear-piercing, Northwest Pediatrics partners with Blomdahl Medical Beauty, which provides skin-friendly materials and simultaneous ear-piercing. A child does not need to be a patient of Northwest Pediatrics to get their ears pierced by our providers, but all non-Northwest Pediatrics children must provide a copy of their up-to-date vaccination form. We will pierce the first hole (no cartilage) of boys or girls, provided they are at least six months old.

Medical ear-piercing is available by appointment only on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3:00. Contact us today to make your appointment!

Ear Piercing FAQ’s

What are the advantages of having your child’s ears pierced at Northwest Pediatrics? 

  •   Northwest Pediatrics uses the Blomdahl medical ear piercing system, which we believe provides a safe procedure for piercing your child’s ear. The Blomdahl system uses a sterile disposable cartridge that is replaced with every piercing. 
  •   When having the procedure performed in a medical office, you have professional care from someone trained in medical technique and wound management. It also gives you ready access to medical professionals for any questions, problems, or concerns before, during, or after the procedure.

What kinds of earrings are used? 

  •  The earrings are in a sterile cartridge attached to a piercing device.  The base and post are made of medical-grade plastic or titanium. The use of medical plastic is encouraged with the initial piercing. This reduces the risk of developing nickel allergy from a metal post.

Will it hurt? 

  •  The child can experience a pinch and stinging sensation, similar to a vaccine injection, during the procedure.


What are the risks? 

  • Ear piercing is a minor surgical procedure with similar risk to stitches or abscess drainage. Despite precautions, there is a small chance of infection, scarring or allergic reactions. Some people are prone to scarring and there is a small risk that a person could develop a keloid (an overgrown scar) formation at the piercing site. We do ask that you sign an informed consent waiver at the time of the procedure to verify that you have been notified of these risks.    

How do I care for my child’s ears afterwards?

  •  After piercing, you must clean the ear lobe with soap and water twice daily. Every effort should be made to use clean hands whenever touching the ear or earrings.  The initial piercing must be left in for 6 weeks before replacing. 
  •  If you need replacement earrings, please visit the Blomdahl website at www.blomdahlusa.com.

Do you offer piercing of any body part other than the ear lobe? 

  •  No

How much will it cost?   

  •  Ear piercing costs $50. This procedure will not be billed to insurance.  You must pay in full (cash or credit card) prior to the procedure at check-in. Our prices include the earring(s), the piercing procedure, and aftercare instructions. Please note, we only offer a partial refund of $25 if we are unable to complete the piercing due to safety concerns, incomplete immunizations, an uncooperative child, etc. The remaining $25 may be a credit to a future ear piercing appointment if scheduled within 30 days from the initial attempt.  This credit is not to be used for any medical bills, but only ear piercing appointments.
Ear Piercing