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CHADIS is an online system that delivers questionnaires that help your child’s doctor review the health and development of your child.

Using CHADIS before the visit will help your doctor take better care of your child.

Your child's doctor uses the questionnaires to help determine if your child is developing on schedule and without health risks. These questions can help detect issues early, before some signs are present. When issues are caught early, children are able to receive help earlier and treatment is often more effective. National expert guidelines for "best care" have increasingly revealed that the more detailed information about a child a doctor has, the more opportunities there are for early preventive action. However, when doctors spend valuable visit time attending to important developmental issues by asking more and more detailed questions, the time available to properly address the priority issues, and your own questions, is lost. CHADIS allows parents to set the agenda and also not overlook important details.

CHADIS questionnaires can be filled out prior to your child’s well child exam by logging into your child’s patient portal.