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Northwest Pediatrics Conducts Physicals for Children in Greensboro, NC

Child Physicals In Greensboro, NC once a year or once every two years after the age of five are an excellent way of ensuring that your child is in the best possible health. Plus, child physicals are a great way to help your child develop a relationship with the physician. Think of it this way: For the first five years, nearly every visit to the pediatrician resulted in your child getting a shot, whether it was a vaccination or medication. Child physicals over the course of the next five to seven years are one way of teaching your child that visiting the doctor does not have to be dreadful and will encourage your child to continue regular doctor visits throughout her lifetime.

Child Physicals In Greensboro, NC will help your pediatrician detect signs or symptoms of health problems early by screening for dental, vision, speech, and hearing problems; staying abreast of your child's overall health, growth and development; and encouraging open and honest discussions with your child about his growth or developmental concerns, sex, drug and alcohol use and any other questions your child may have. Child physicals, depending up the pediatrician and your family history, may include testing for cholesterol, red and white blood count, blood sugar levels and blood pressure; urine and/or lead screens; a scoliosis check; and signs of puberty.

For Child Physicals In Greensboro, NC, schedule a visit with Northwest Pediatrics. We offer a bright, colorful atmosphere, and a warm, friendly staff to achieve optimum health and well-being for your child. Contact us for more information and be sure to check out our age-appropriate health handouts that include information about safety, what to expect, and general health topics. You can also stay up to date with your child's development by subscribing to our newsletter.

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