Child Growth Stages: 3 Years

Here are some helpful tips for your child's growth and development at 3 years of age that will guide you in your child's development. Here's how you can interact with him and encourage proper development:

Reading and Talking With Your Child:

Reading together and talking about a book's story and pictures helps your child learn how to read. You can interact with your child by asking him/her questions about the story or pictures. Ask him to tell a part of the story.

Your Active Child:

Other than sleeping, children should not be inactive for longer than 1 hour at a time. You can promote physical activity with your child by being active together as a family. Limit TV and video game time to no more than 1-2 hours each day.


Use a forward-facing car safety seat in the back seat of all vehicles. Switch to a belt-positioning booster seat when your child outgrows her forward-facing seat. Never leave your child alone in the car, house, or yard. Supervise play time near streets and driveways.

Playing With Others:

Playing with other preschoolers helps get your child ready for school. Give your child a variety of toys for dress-up, make-believe, and imitation. Make sure your child has the chance to play often with other preschoolers. Help your child learn to take turns while playing games with other children.

(Source: These tips are from Bright Futures)

When you come to Northwest Pediatrics for your child's 3 year-old checkup, bring any questions you have about your child's development to discuss with your pediatrician.

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